The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy podcast

Mark Steadman, Jon Hickman and Danny Smith continue their mission to discuss everything in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy canon, in alphabetical order. This episode has bad language in it from the start.

Bistro Illegal

This is a bar Ford and Hotblack used to crash, pretending to be health inspectors, and a chance for Danny to share a story of impersonating a journalist and discovering shorthand.


A wonderful new method of crossing vast interstellar distances without all that dangerous mucking about with improbability factors. Jon is called upon to defend this mode of transport.

Bjanjy Territories

Where there is a wedding between Prince Gid of the Soofling Dynasty and Princess Hooli of Raui Alpha. Trillian Astra reports on the wedding. Here, Danny tells us about the most dangerous place he's ever been, and you will not expect the answer.

Blagulon Kappa

This is where Bangbang and Shooty come from, and where they play Badabingo.

Blamwellamum of Woont

An opera by Rizgar’s, whose closing piece, March of the AnjaQantine Star Guard from Act IV was performed by the Hallapolis State Opera was heard by Random when she stumbled upon the wreckage of the ship Arthur crash-landed in.

Blart Versenwald III

We discuss what Adams may have meant by featuring this character in the final chapter of the fourth book.

Body debits

Body debiting is the means of teleportation via card-based transaction, and another mode of transport for Jon to defend.

Hypothetical Trillian

Vote on your favourite actor to play Tricia McMillan in a hypothetical new Netflix series of the Hitchhiker's Guide. (And yes, we know Jon said Sarah when he meant Sandra. Keep your email to yourself!)

Book recommendation

This week we're recommending Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse. Pick it up in audiobook form for free by taking out a free 30 day trial with Audible. Just head to to get started.

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