The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy podcast

You've got to have shows about bypasses

Mark Steadman, Jon Hickman and Danny Smith continue their mission to discuss everything in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy canon, in alphabetical order.


Colin is a delightful, and constantly delighted little security robot captured by Ford. The team discusses whether such a hack job could work on Marvin.


Another computerised device that can also be made happy. The CompuTeach educates listeners to the radio series about the Shoe Event Horizon.

Cosmovid, Thinkpix and Home Brain Box

Three subethanet services that show films, and a chance for the team to come up with "hilarious" ideas for new Netflix-style shows.


This is about the most aggressive thing you can do to a computer. Once again Mark asks Jon to defend one of Adams' sci-fi gags.


Here we discuss the morals around vegetarianism and veganism. And because your podcasters are children, they discuss whether they would eat human flesh.

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